Part-Time Jobs

41 Summer Jobs for Teens and College Students [Plus Avg. Pay Rates]

We’ve got the best list of summer jobs for teens and college students listed here. Do you (or your teen) have a job for summer yet? Getting a job is the perfect use of all that extra time in the summer. Whether you’re in high school or college, you can make some extra money and […]

21 No Background Check Jobs [Available Today]

Are you looking for a job but think your criminal background may get in the way? It will be a challenge. After all, only around 5% of managers actively consider candidates with criminal records. So it may be time to reconsider your options. Many jobs – some that you may not have considered – don’t […]

67 Part-Time Job Interview Questions [and Answers!]

Nervous about your upcoming part-time job interview? Don’t be! We’ll help you to ensure you hit it out of the park. To equip yourself with confidence, check out our list of popular part-time job interview questions and learn how to answer them like a pro. What Part-Time Job Interview Questions Should You Be Ready For? […]

YT Jobs: Freelance for Your Favorite Youtuber

Suppose I was a recent college graduate passionate about creating content on YouTube. In that case, I might need help finding work in the creator economy. I may have scoured job boards and reached out to YouTubers directly, but I may have always come up empty-handed. You may feel the same way. You may feel […]

How to Write a Resume for a Part-Time Job: Free Sample PDF Included

So you want to create a resume for a part-time job. Maybe this is your first job? Maybe you’re in college and you just need a little income. Maybe you’re returning to the workforce on a part-time basis? I’ve had over 15 part-time jobs in my lifetime. One thing I know is that you need […]

11 Unexpected Places to Find a Job in 2023

With a recession looming, it may be harder to find a job soon. According to the latest U.S. Department of Labor report, unemployment is holding steady below 4%. So maybe we’re good? Still, you want to turn over as many opportunities as you can. And with almost 50% of employees targeting a new job in […]

How Many Hours a Week is Part-Time?

To state the obvious, part-time means you don’t work as many hours as people who have a full-time job. Full-time is usually around 40 hours a week, so part-time is usually less than that. But sometimes part-time can be different for different jobs, so it’s important to ask your boss how many hours you’ll be […]

Can You Really Make a Living with a Part-Time Job?

“Why was the part-time employee always tired?.. Because he was working two jobs!” If you’re like most people, you might instinctively think that you need a full-time job to make ends meet. But is it really true? Can you actually make a living off of a part-time job? The simple answer is yes, of course! […]

VIPKid Review | Still a Good Option in 2023?

Important Note: VIPKid is not currently accepting teachers considering the Chinese aren’t allowing foreign tutors currently. Learn more about the China ban and explore other tutoring jobs. Here’s more… 2022 Update I worked for VIPKid for over 4 years. I taught a total of 1,376 students throughout China during that time, and I developed close […]

Discover Seasonal Jobs in Unique Places [CoolWorks Review]

Have you ever dreamed of working on a dude ranch in Wyoming? Or maybe being a camp counselor, introducing kids to the wonders of nature? I was a camp counselor in my 20s and it was one of my favorite experiences. If the traditional corporate life – being stuck indoors working 9-5 and then going […]

23 Companies Hiring Remote Workers in 2023

Working remote is the way of the future for many satisfied employees. If you have been laid off recently, or you’re just looking to get back into the working world, a remote job opportunity may be what you need. The good news is that there are a number of companies that have actually increased the […]

How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do From Home

If you’re a good fit for the work style, and know where to find the best jobs, being a virtual assistant has plenty of benefits, including great pay. There are now more than 3.5 million administrative assistants in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of those are now virtual assistants at […]

How to Make Money as a Social Media Consultant

I’m a freelance writer, and I enjoy my work, but I often wonder what it would be like to perform different services in my space. One online side hustle that seems interesting to me is social media consulting. I know of several people who are making significant part-time money by being a social media consultant […]

The Best Freelance Jobs [31 Highest Paying for 2023]

Freelance jobs have many benefits and opportunities. Freelancing allows you to set your rates and have more flexibility and control over your time. As you get more established, you can control who you work for and what kind of work you do. That sort of freedom is not found in many W-2 jobs. Freelancers can […]

7 Things to Do Before You Quit Your Day Job

Is it your ultimate dream to quit the rat race and open up a small business? Maybe you have a side hustle already and you’re thinking it’s time to make the leap to do that full-time? Not only would you get to be your own boss and set your own hours, but you could also […]

23 Online Job Search Sites to Find Your Next Job

Looking for a job can be exhausting and frustrating. Especially if you’re underemployed or jobless, sending out hundreds of resumes without anyone calling you back is tough. Don’t let the job search bring you down. Focus your energy on online job search sites that will help you find the proper position for your skills. Popular […]

9 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs

Let’s talks about part-time jobs that pay well. One of the problems with part-time work is that it often comes with part-time pay. Toiling twenty hours per week for minimum wage is no way to build wealth or create a balanced life. There are a number of part-time jobs out there that pay enough for […]

12 Part-Time Jobs for Teachers (After School & In the Summer)

I used to be a high school English teacher and so I’ve had a lot of experience thinking about part-time jobs for teachers. Although teaching provided me with the highest salary I’d ever earned to date, it was still a relatively low wage. So it came as no surprise that many of my teaching colleagues […]