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The Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business [in 2023]

At the heart of your small service business success is your ability to schedule meetings with customers efficiently. Today’s modern software solutions aim to help you quickly streamline the scheduling process and book meetings. But do they? The best appointment scheduling software will allow you to book multiple employees, take payments, and perform more marketing […]

Square Promo Code for Hardware – 20% Off

Attention all new entrepreneurs! Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Look no further than Square, the leading provider of payment and point-of-sale solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a proud affiliate partner of Square, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been given an exclusive promo code for 20% off […]

The Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers in 2023

As a freelancer, you probably dread the end of the month. You have to take care of all the administrative tasks that have been piling up over the last few weeks — including sending out invoices for your work. If trying to get paid every month feels like a chore, it’s time to improve or […]

What is Square and How Does it Work (for Side Hustlers)?

As your side hustle, freelance business, or e-commerce shop grows, you may need software to help you manage it. One popular solution is Square. Once just a way to accept credit card payments with your phone, Square now offers a flexible suite of tools to run and grow your enterprise. Read on to discover how […]

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online as a Freelancer

When you first get started freelancing, it’s all about producing a great product for your client. Your focus should be here. But all too often, freelancers make getting paid the least of their worries. It shouldn’t be. As a freelancer you need to get paid appropriately…and on time! Thankfully, accepting credit card payments online is […]

TurboTax Live Full Service Business Review 2023

As a business owner and CPA, I understand how important it is to find good tax help. As an entrepreneur, I want to focus on product and sales, not necessarily my business taxes. I don’t even do my business taxes. I get help from a CPA firm. If you’re a new business owner of a […]

The Free Square Reader: Get One in 2023

Square’s Free Card Reader is a cutting-edge device designed to empower small business owners to manage their finances efficiently while easily accepting payments from customers. The reader presents a cost-effective solution for businesses of varying sizes, whether operating in a physical storefront, online, or both. I got my free reader from Square over ten years […]

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business

Getting your business noticed through media coverage is a great way to increase brand visibility, credibility, website traffic, and even sales. This article will explain how you can get media coverage for your business and make the most of it. How Can You Get Media Coverage for Your Business? Let’s break this down into simple […]

3 Ways to File Business Taxes for Free in 2023

Here’s how to file your taxes for free this year. It’s that time again: Tax Time! Luckily, if you meet certain criteria, you may just be able to file your business federal taxes–and possibly your state taxes–without spending a penny! The services below are going to work for contractors, small businesses, and LLCs that use […]

The Best Tax Software for Small Business Owners in 2023

If you want to do your taxes, you need to know which tax software to use to get the job done. And if you’re a small business owner like me, you need to be sure you’re investing in the best tax software to fit your needs. After all, you’ll be spending more than $75 in […]

TurboTax Review 2023 | Still the #1 Tax Software?

In this TurboTax Review you’ll see that it is one of the most popular tax preparation software programs out there, and for very good reason. It offers a step-by-step process for preparing your taxes so you can rest assured that every I is dotted, every T is crossed, and every eligible deduction is taken. They […]

TaxSlayer Review 2023 | Easiest to Use Tax Software?

It’s true–most people don’t enjoy doing their taxes. But with the right tax filing software, it can at least be quick and straightforward. If you’re searching for an accurate and inexpensive solution, TaxSlayer is a good option. If you’ve thought about doing your own taxes this year, you’ve probably looked at different tax preparation software. […]

H&R Block Review 2023 | Best Software + Branch?

H&R Block is one of the biggest names in tax preparation, responsible for preparing a whopping one out of every seven tax returns that are filed in the United States. Their huge command of the market is because they have both 10,000 physical branches around the U.S. and tax software that you can use at […]

SEP IRA: a Quick and Simple Guide

As a self-employed business owner, you may be looking for the right kind of plan to save for retirement. But it is easy to become overwhelmed about which is best for your situation or company. The SEP IRA may be one of the most effortless accounts for self-employed individuals to set up and keep going. […]

What to Do if Your 1099 is Incorrect [Fast Fix for 2023]

As a business owner, receiving my 1099s each year puts me in the mood to start preparing my taxes. But what if the income on the 1099 misc does not match income received? What Should You Do with an Incorrect 1099? In short, if you receive an incorrect 1099, reach out to your client and […]

13 Experts Define What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur

Are you wondering what it means to be an entrepreneur? Asking that question to a bunch of people and expecting the exact answer is a little like asking everyone to spell entrepreneur fast and expecting the same answer…it’s not going to happen. Even the Wikipedia page for entrepreneurs contains several different definitions of the word, […]

11 Podcasts About Starting a Business | Free Advice for Entrepreneurs

Yo, new business owner! Starting up can be a lot to handle, but trust me, podcasts are a total game changer. They’re typically totally free and easy to find, and you can listen to them anywhere – during your commute, at the gym, or even while doing chores. But the real perk? Podcasts give you […]

How to Write a Business Check [Quick & Simple Guide]

Congratulations on starting your own business! Part of running a business is sometimes giving people money; one way to do that is by writing a check. A check is like a unique piece of paper that tells the bank to take money from your business’s account and give it to someone else. I remember writing […]